If you were hoping to get in on a fire sale TouchPad the wait is over because they lied. Look at their site:

Yeah they crossed out the part where they say that they are producing one more batch to fill the demand and now they tell you to go screw yourself. And you get an email to go along with it as well…more of the same. There’s a rumored Best Buy bundle so if you buy a PC or laptop you can get a TouchPad for $150 but I don’t see it on Best Buy’s website. That’s also more than the fire sale price and of course, that requires buying a PC and a tablet at the same time so it’s not the deal of a life time especially when the Fire is coming for $200 and doesn’t suck…

Anything else you’re going to do a 180 on this wee HP?


  1. Look on the bright side, now they have 8-12 months to prepare Touchpad 2 running Windows 8. Plus they’velesrbed their lessons on pricing the tablet appropriately. Hopefully.

  2. Yeah I thought it was more of a Social Media advertising hoax, than the real thing. I did follow Bryna on twitter to see what would happen, she was a piss poor promoter at best. It made me sick and I could see right through it. The leftover inventory was scrapped for useable parts for a better profit. I’ll never buy HP again, dishonesty rings a loud bell with me and I could care less about having a $99 touchpad. Also, there products are filled with their bloatware and ink refills are too high. It never pays to lie, why would gamble away crediability?

    I should note that I write this from an HP laptop but I’m serious about the future boycott, never again. Dell should bring the Dude back…

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