Seems 4channers and WMPowerusers are reading from the same playbook today. Both groups are manipulating two high-profile polls triumphantly; yet while, to me, one is sort of funny, the other is just kind of sad at this point. I’ll leave you with some screenshots.

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Biographical info.. hmm. I have a history of not being able to strike the balance between what is "safe" to put into these forms and what is, in my mind at least, funny. Can't do it.


  1. LoL. You are just one. Man, I couldn’t stop the laugh. But anyway, so you think one poll’s result = one dictator. Boy, you need some kind of therapy I believe. What if it were Nexus 4 the result of that poll, would you say the same? I don’t think so. You would’ve compared it with 2012 US results. Don’t you?

    • I bet Surur has lost count how many times he sent his people off to massage a poll, tips ensuing on using Chrome’s InCognito mode to vote repeatedly in the WMPU threads (like 4chan of course, though more sophisticated there). And all the excitement on WMPU blasts off that, based on this poll, the Nokia Lumia 920 is going to sell like crazy really soon and not just in India and South Africa. I suspect most of them who are voting up the Windows Phone option in all these polls are doing it in an effort to promote the product, invariably in vain. Invariably. But they do it anyway. Which is kind of sad, to me.

      Meanwhile, on 4chan, whether it’s Mountain Dew or Kim Jong-un, they seem to know how to have a good time with the Time Magazine polls in particular, in pursuit not of getting the world to buy into Mountain Dew, communism or to regard this young man as a god or of general Time top one hundredness, but, as declared up front, in the pursuit of lulz.

      I need therapy for a lot of things, but seeing that difference between the two groups here I don’t think is one of them.

      Now as for how I’d react to WMPowerusers pushing the Nexus 4 up to the top of this poll, my mind would be blown as that would be waaay out of character for those guys, and I’d see that as a satirical lulz-grab on their part for unpredictability and inventiveness in collective poll manipulation missions and give them respect for it, rather than doing the same shit over and over to no end. Lastly, you suck.

      • I agree, but most of the tech sites do to promote it, and I am with you about Surur and his little ponies. Who vote on these topics only techies or someone interested in their favorite technology. For everyday dude or dudette, they obviously have more things to accomplish in their daily lives other than voting on the DB sites. Yes, WSJ is nothing but a propaganda machine, and a common man wont go there and read daily news. And I totally agree with @Murani below.

  2. I saw that poll and decided not to even vote. Yes I realized that BlackBerry is still a very heavily used brand in the New York area and lets face it the WSJ isn’t exactly the “every man” daily reading material.

    Its more of a poll of a specific segment of the market and I saw later in the night Surur had put up the post encouraging people to vote.

    I’m so over the whole poll crashing thing. I’d much rather see articles about people supporting good apps and games that developers are creating. Those people from CrackBerry has made me see just what going overboard means.

  3. @Doug : what’s going on between you and surur.. You always post something negative about that guy….just let him be.. i don’t see him doing the same..

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