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MagicalPad Makes all your Notes Magical

Well no not really, your notes won’t be magical but supposedly this app for your iPad will make the note taking part of your life a lot easier. The app can do more than jus take notes though, it’s sharing enable for things like Dropbox, Google Docs and email among other things. It’s meant for students and professionals but I’m sure everyone can get some use out of it and appreciate it. As of now they’re offering a special introductory price of 99 cents for it. Someone try it out and let me know if it’s useful to you or not…



MagicalPad, a Massachusetts based start-up provider of innovative mobile and web-based applications for visually organizing and managing information and ideas, announced last week the launch of MagicalPad™ – an iPad app that brings a fresh approach to note-taking, much more than a conventional note-taker, outliner, or mind mapping app for the iPad. MagicalPad™ enables users to take control of their notes through freeform layout to place and organize notes, outlines and checklists with unprecedented interactivity and flexibility, and seamlessly share them with other users and apps, which drastically expands productivity and enhances structured thinking and decision-making.

Structured. Natural. Beautiful. Magical.
MagicalPad™ provides a better way to take notes, build outlines, brainstorm, organize information, plan projects, organize meetings, uncover new creative ideas and communicate more effectively. “MagicalPad enables users to control their information spark their creativity and have fun.” said Adil Berdai, founder of MagicalPad.

Users can focus project planning using structured lists to quickly capture and organize stakeholder input, prioritize goals and actions and optimize most valuable resources. With unlimited checklists and outlines on the same page, freeform layout, unlimited hierarchy with expand and collapse and drag & drop features, users have everything in front of their eyes and are able to focus on what’s important and interact with their content like never before.

Connected to the Cloud.
MagicalPad plays well within the cloud. With impressive sharing options including Dropbox, Evernote, Google Docs and email, users can easily export their notes in different formats including PDF, OPML, RTF and a native MagicalPad Xchange file format (MPX), which is great for sharing with other MagicalPad users. Enterprise and business users can easily share project and meeting notes; students can seamlessly share school notes. “It is magical! Now I can exchange files with Mindjet, Curio, Merlin, or any other software or app that supports OPML.” said Ben Nabil, one of the first users of MagicalPad.

MagicalPad™ Features

  • Freeform Layout – One of the most innovative features of MagicalPad™ is the freeform layout and the flexibility in which users can place and organize their content to create a dashboard-like layout of structured information with everything at their fingertips.
  • Advanced Interactivity – Structured thinking demands structured notes; MagicalPad™ users can expand and collapse content to focus on the right level of detail. With advanced drag/drop capabilities they can easily prioritize actions, split and merge outlines, create sticky-like notes and format content to effectively express their ideas and organize their thoughts.
  • Share with the Cloud – MagicalPad enables users to share their work with other users and other apps through the cloud using Dropbox, Evernote and Google Docs; it also allows users to import outlines, tasks and notes from other apps, desktop and Mac software to continue their work, and then export them back.
  • Interoperability – MagicalPad™ utilizes open standards such as OPML to import and export content to other IOS, Mac and desktop apps seamlessly.

Built to Last
MagicalPad’s team has a vision for making MagicalPad mobile and web solutions in the center of today’s productivity toolset for professionals and students; the iPad app is just the beginning according to their founder and product management.

With impressive built-in features, great customer service, strong vision and inspiring product roadmap, MagicalPad™ has already won the hearts of thousands of users in the first week only. “MagicalPad is poised to top the charts from looking at the overwhelming response, record downloads and huge positive feedback we received so far. I think we’re off to a good start,” said Bouchra Benchekroun, product manager with MagicalPad.

MagicalPad™ is available today globally for a very special introductory price $0.99 only and may be purchased through iTunes.

Please visit for more information.
You can also view a quick video demo on YouTube.