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Make pdf Photo Albums On The Fly

There’s a neat little free application from Martini Creations called jpeg2pdf that lets you take jpegs and add them to preset layouts (ranging from one image per page to six images) and then convert the resulting album to pdf without a loss of image quality. The pdf that it creates can be toggled and range from A4, A3, photo 4×3 and Film 35mm. The benefits of this are that you can take a few pics, add them to an album and then just send that pdf along in a ‘ready to print’ format. Take a look at a sample I put together for an idea how this works. Of course, as a business person I see one other use for this. I’m often asked for a copy of a signed document and the document is sitting on my desk but I have to go and scan it in. I know I can take a picture and just email the picture but a jpeg isn’t too professional to circulate. Now I can grab a picture of it, convert it to pdf and circulate it that way so it looks like it was scanned in.

Overall it’s very fast and the conversion takes a few seconds. When picking the jpegs to load you have a preview window available. I suggest that the layout you pick match the image layout (so if they are in portrait then pick a layout with portrait images) and don’t mix and match portrait and landscape – it just gets a little weird. And if you want 4 of the same picture on a 4 image page then you need to add the photo 4 times. These are really minor nits. Overall for a free utility it’s pretty nifty, takes about 5 seconds to figure out and does the job intended. You can download this directly from Martini Creation’s website.