It’s that simple. Think I’ll let the video do the talking this time.

BlindType website here, rumor mill / speculation / wow XDA thread here. Suck it, Swype nuts and hard keyboard hippies!

Doug Simmons


  1. you must literally be blind or stupid to type that bad. I can live with Swype and adjust the settings to be less accurate/faster and for me I just need to get in the area of the first and last letters and I’m spot on without pecking at jiberrish like this video. Swype recognisez the difference between pecking (which should be close) and swyping fast and pics words based on this…which makes sense especially when you do things like type names and web addresses and such

  2. Damn – not being an Android fan at all (quite oppositely), I’ll have to admit that it is a nice keyboard!

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