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Blockbuster Launches New Android App

So I was looking for a screenshot to go with this posting and I came across several Blockbuster apps on the Google appstore already, and they’re very poorly rated with the highest being 2 stars and the others being 1 1/2 on average. So apparently they’ve launched a new Android app, which I hope is better than the others for their sake…



In another step towards enhancing the customer experience, Blockbuster is excited to announce the release of its new Blockbuster Android app that allows users to browse a catalog of more than 100,000 movie and game titles, manage their Blockbuster By Mail queue and even check for availability of the newest releases at their local Blockbuster store. The Blockbuster app is compatible with Android operating systems (Gingerbread and later) and is available for free download starting today in the Google Play and Amazon app stores.

Millions of movie watchers prefer the DVD and Blu-ray experience, and now Blockbuster customers can use their mobile device for added convenience.

“Whether you’re standing in line for a latte or on the train for your evening commute, now you can decide which new release to pick up before you get to the store, and make sure it’s in stock,” said Blockbuster President Michael Kelly. “And if you’re a Blockbuster By Mail member, the functionality goes even deeper; you can add, re-prioritize and remove movies from your queue. It’s like having the entire 100,000-plus movie catalog at your fingertips, wherever and whenever you want to peruse it.”

The free app is available for current Blockbuster members and non-members alike. Additional features include:

Search movie and game titles for a synopsis, list of stars, available formats and more

Sort by title, actors and genres

Add, remove and organize items in your queue

Manage your in-store membership (there’s no need to carry your physical card anymore)

Find your local Blockbuster store

Check for title availability at a specific store

Navigate in English and Spanish

Customers who already use the Blockbuster streaming app can continue to do so. Blockbuster has an update planned for its iOS app to launch later this quarter.