I heard heard reports that video shot using Mango was smoother than video using the NoDo build so I figured I’d check out if the frame rate was finally moved to 30 fps. Nope. It’s 23 frames per second using Mango – exactly the same as it was before. Want a comparison? Here’s what the iPhone 4 records at:

For those wondering, 480 video is at 29fps…but yeah that’s 640×480. There’s still time for Mango to ripen though.


  1. I’m expecting this to chnage with the final version… a lot is still on the mango tree, all we’ve got are some half ripe, not ready to be harvested mangoes. I’m ok with that. I love the message reader though.. awesome!!!

  2. hey, David.

    I was wondering what do you think about the Samsung focus? I was offered one by a friend for about $150. He just got the HD7.

    With the mango update soon to be rolled out I kinda would like a front facing camera… Then I found some information about the Htc Eternity which I must say I kinda like.. Er Well,I love the idea.

    Right now I’m still rolling with my fuze so a 4inch screen is really plenty in comparison to what I’m use to. Does anybody have any idea of a way to use the video chat feature on the current models after the mango update”? Or will this pretty much be accessed only with the new generation models?


  3. I switched from my Fuze to the Focus back in December and I’ve loved it since. As long as you understand what it has and doesn’t have, you should remain satisfied. I don’t know about any of the video chat features, but you may want to check out Amazon wireless when you make your decision. If you can handle resigning for 2 years, there are a lot of great deals to be had, whatever the device. Got mine for $0.01 with free shipping!

    Good luck!

  4. @Eddie:

    Thanks for the input.

    After playing with the phone I really couldn’t help but to like it. The phone is actually unlocked, right now he use’s air voice (it’s like what boost is for sprint, but it’s with at&t) but I was thinking of taking it to t-mobile or at&t… I was told t-mobile would be better contract wise or a monthly off contract.


  5. That has nothing to do with Mango. If you visit Qualcomm’s home page for MSM8x50 (1st gen Snapdragon), you will find that the hardware maxes out at 24 fps. So that is what the softwate can push through if all conditions are ideal. Do not forget that there is a year advantage in hardware for the iPhone 4, as the first device on Snapdragon was launched mid 2009.

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