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Mango’s Voice Features Pictured – Speed Dial Makes No Sense

So I decided to give you guys a few screenshots of what the voice features are in the dev Mango build. These are the ‘help’ screens and they show you what’s possible. Launching apps is sweet (“Open Angry Birds”) and everything works great. In fact some of the features are not covered here, like the ability to have texts read out loud to you and then talk through responding, calling them back or ignoring and of course you can go into Maps and speak locations and you can dictate texts. But the oddest thing is actually speed dials. I was all excited to see that we finally got them and then it turns out you need to enable ease of access calling features and once you do that you can say “save speed dial” and then it asks you what number to assign and you respond, and then it asks for the number. It doesn’t bring up the contacts picker, you then speak the number out loud and it recites it back to you when it’s done. And then it sets it up. Can I then hold the ‘2’ button down to call the contact? Nope, I need to say “Call speed dial 2” which is about the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. I mean, why would I memorize speed dials if I’m using voice dialing and instead could say “Call Brandon Watson office” and that would do it?

Anyway, everything else is pretty sweet so here’s what’s available: