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Unity 3D Gaming Engine Confirmed For #Windows 8 & #WP8

Unity has officiallly announced support for the Windows Phone 8 platform, as well as Windows 8. This announcement combined with the other supporting game engines in the next versions of Windows and Windows Phone gives fans of the platforms a lot to expect and be excited about.

The announcement was made at Unite 2012 in Amsterdam today. How important was Unity 3D’s support for the platform? Well developers really wanted it. Here’s a quick quote from Unity CEO David Helgason “The Unity community has been asking for access to Windows Phones and have been eagerly anticipating the release of Windows 8. We’re happy to announce that we will support both.”

As the launch of the next versions of Windows and Windows Phones draw near the possibilities and support are expanding. Good times ahead for the platform regardless of the amount of market share the Windows Phone platform has garnered thus far.

Source: EDGE

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