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Marketplace Will Be The ONLY Place to Get Apps for WP7

Engadget just reported that the only way to get apps on WP7 is through Marketplace.  Yup, this means we need to jailbreak…or whatever the hell we’ll call it, to use our phones the way we all like them. What does this mean for XDA? Likely not too much as I suspect they’ll be the home of whoever is going to unlock WP7 just like it currently is for cooking. This just adds a higher level of annoyance for the general population since currently unlocking is for ROMs and this would be across the board for apps as well.

There are some other nice tidbits about the new Marketplace at Engadget (like the fact that Zune will be the desktop method to install apps) but the biggie is the inability to install your own apps. So, how furious are you? You can use a number scale, a series of colorful words…whatever you like just don’t swear without the usual #!@%%. I already know that you guys will love the fact that the only reason you use WM is because you can do whatever you want with it and now that’s about to be taken from you…let the rants begin.