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Lots Of T-Mobile Touch Pro II Pictures And Videos Leaked

My friends, the date slowly approaches for the  first US Carrier to release the Touch Pro II! That’s right, August fast approaches and T-Mobile is set to release the Touch Pro II and we got leaked photos and videos galore! member docprego scored big and got the goods when a T-Mobile Rep simply handed over the TP2 for closer inspection! (Why can’t AT&T reps be so accommodating?). the photos and video are pretty low resolution having been taken from a (cough) iPhone. Hey, even though it seems sacrilegious to take a picture of the TP2 with an iPhone, we will feed our addiction anyway we can! As for the first impression from docprego:


The phone is nothing short of amazing and gorgeous in person.  All my concerns about color are now gone, I love it!  The phone feels like a precision instrument, build quality is off the charts!  It also felt amazingly slim in my hand, no concerns about being a brick at all!  It was thinner than my iPhone I had with me in its leather case.  Absolutely incredible device.



Head on over to for more pictures and videos!

So who’s holding out for the Fortress (AT&T) or who’s getting the T-Mob TP2: Holla!