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Match ‘em Pro (Free) For WP7 – A Classic Remade

Herm’s Software took their shot at remaking the classic tile matching game and released Match ‘em Pro (free) into the Windows Phone Marketplace. It’s styled like the typical matching games but it has two standout features. One is that you can play against the computer which is loads of fun because it feels like you’re playing someone real and if you aren’t paying attention you get housed. The other is an arcade mode where you are racing against the clock…and everyone else as there’s global high scores.

Here’s the complete description:

Match ’em is a simple fun game that is enjoyed by children and adults and makes for great family time.
The object of the game is to find all the matching pairs in the field.
This game has three play modes: against your phone, against a friend and arcade.
V.S. Computer and Head to Head modes allow you to choose a field size raging from 8 to 32 tiles.
AI Has 4 Difficulty Level:
Easy – Random tiles are clicked
Medium – Somewhat remembers the tiles that have been opened
Hard – Always remembers flipped tiles
XRay – Same as Hard, also knows the matching tiles
Arcade mode starts off easy and increments the number of tiles as you progress to higher levels. You start out with 60 seconds on the first level and the time left gives you bonus points and increased time on the next level, also you have score multipliers up to x10 for matching tiles in a row. For each correct answer you get 10 points and for each wrong one 10 points get taken away.
Arcade mode features an online leaderboard and can be continued after any interruption.
Full version coming soon with multiple themes.

It’s fun, free and it’s been kicking my ass all night long. Give it a shot in the Games category.