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McDonald’s App Keeps Your Orders Straight, Kids Happy!

Some more XDA love coming your way, this time from Corwin9S who has developed McDoWMobile 1.0 for Windows Mobile that will help you keep all those McDonald’s order straight so you are not having to write things down prior to heading out to your local Mickey D’s! My kids are getting older now so they have graduated out of the basic Chicken Nuggets Happy Meal, so this will come in pretty handy. Now if we could only get one for those after hour Taco Bell Drive through runs! Enjoy and thank you Corwin9S!

When we are in a group, it is not always easy to remember the order to be make at McDonalds…
If we are driving and that we should speak to a microphone, with kids screaming…!
And as we do not always pencil or paper in hand … here is the solution (and only to date as I know), Windows Mobile, to be able, easily, take note of the order, read it after directly.

And also, why not send it by SMS… if you want your friends (or your wife) to speedy go to McDonalds !

As for many others developers, I do something I occasionally need… So now, simply click what who wants, then read the final when to order…

If you like this, feel free to buy me a coffee (even in McDo !)

Its usage is simple:
– Click on the image of the desired section:
1st line = Sandwiches – Beverages – Coaching
2nd line = happymeal – Menus – Salads
3rd line = Dessert – Breakfast – Specials
– In the category "Special" are of special items, limited in time
– Once in a category, click on the image to increment the counter (1)
– If you want to remove an item, click on "-1", then click on the item to a decrement
– If you want to erase all selections from the page of the current category, click on the trash
– If you click on "List" (top right), you arrive on the checkout. Here, you can completely erase button ("Trash") or send the command shown by SMS (button "SMS")
– To return to the first page, click on "House"
– To change the language, click on "Options" at the bottom left

Head on over to XDA now to Download: CLICK HERE