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Clover Games Launches Redbeard Treasure Hunt Pro for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch

Another game from Clover for iOS devices, but this one isn’t free it’ll cost you 99 cents. This one actually looks kinda cool, at least I like this kind of game. Exploring the oceans and trying to find treasure. I don’t know, but I like those types of games, maybe it’s because it’s something I’ve always wanted to do, go diving for treasure…


Clover Games USA, Inc., a leading developer of mobile applications, today announced the launch of Redbeard Treasure Hunt Pro, a new gaming app available for download in the App Store of just $0.99. At that price, this treasure hunt game is sure to hit the top of gift wish lists this holiday season and become a favorite amongst Apple mobile device users.

Just in time for the holidays, Redbeard Treasure Hunt Pro, is an addicting fun new game allowing you to hunt for hidden treasure in all types of difficult weather conditions. Chose your hunt in the fog, snow, rain, summer heat or storm. Purchase tools like metal detectors and scuba gear to help you find the treasure.