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MobilityLeaks: Piracy Okay on Android”

On 2/16/2011 2:00 PM, Murani Lewis wrote:

I was at work last night and a couple people had EVOs playing music.  They said they downloaded apps from the Android market called "mp3 download" and another music app.  They just type the name of the song in and download any song for free.  I can understand streaming music but mp3 downloading is flat out piracy.

To make matters worse apparently the Sprint store rep told the people to download the app so they could avoid paying for music.

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Daniel Lam:

yea, that doesn’t surprise me…most people don’t feel that piracy is wrong because they dont consider it piracy.  As long as the process is simple, they can disassociate the "stealing" part from what they are doing

Christian Huges:

If you download the 4shared app from apples app store for the iPhone you can stream and download songs, but the downloaded songs aren’t accessible through the iPod app and they dot sync to iTunes you have to have the app running to get to them

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Doug Simmons:

Murani: There’s also a torrent app (a bunch actually) that lets you search the major torrent sites (all of which have pirated shit) and add it to your computer’s torrent downloads. There’s also a bunch of FTP clients and a web browser or two. Hell there are even full fledged bittorrent clients, not just bittorrent remotes, and the web browser does support ▓▓▓▓▓.org.

There is NO hard audio or video DRM, to my knowledge, on any Android device.

Your point?

Doug Simmons:

In other news, piracy on Microsoft, Dell, FreeBSD, Linksys and HP okay.

Doug Simmons:

You know what? Don’t say nothing, I’m turning this straight into an MDLeaks bit right now.