On 2/16/2011 2:00 PM, Murani Lewis wrote:

I was at work last night and a couple people had EVOs playing music.  They said they downloaded apps from the Android market called "mp3 download" and another music app.  They just type the name of the song in and download any song for free.  I can understand streaming music but mp3 downloading is flat out piracy.

To make matters worse apparently the Sprint store rep told the people to download the app so they could avoid paying for music.

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Daniel Lam:

yea, that doesn’t surprise me…most people don’t feel that piracy is wrong because they dont consider it piracy.  As long as the process is simple, they can disassociate the "stealing" part from what they are doing

Christian Huges:

If you download the 4shared app from apples app store for the iPhone you can stream and download songs, but the downloaded songs aren’t accessible through the iPod app and they dot sync to iTunes you have to have the app running to get to them

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Doug Simmons:

Murani: There’s also a torrent app (a bunch actually) that lets you search the major torrent sites (all of which have pirated shit) and add it to your computer’s torrent downloads. There’s also a bunch of FTP clients and a web browser or two. Hell there are even full fledged bittorrent clients, not just bittorrent remotes, and the web browser does support ▓▓▓▓▓.org.

There is NO hard audio or video DRM, to my knowledge, on any Android device.

Your point?

Doug Simmons:

In other news, piracy on Microsoft, Dell, FreeBSD, Linksys and HP okay.

Doug Simmons:

You know what? Don’t say nothing, I’m turning this straight into an MDLeaks bit right now.


  1. Android users are like scrooges that take pride in not paying for goods and services. Its like capitalism and compensation are foreign concepts to them. Say what you will about iPhone users but they have proven to be an economic force. In my past life I bootlegged but also own a collection of over 500 different CDs and DVDs that’s bought retail.

  2. I guess you don’t want to zoom in to the operating system level (me neither) so how about this: Which company has made more people throughout the world wealthier (not including employees and shareholders, but normal people), Google or Apple, and by a lot or a little?

    Oh what, only musicians count?

  3. I detest iTunes but you wouldn’t know it seeing monthly charges on my credit card statement that my wife places on it. ITunes takes DRM too far but the free for all on the Android market is setting people up for lawsuits.

  4. I have a similar MP3 download app (music wizard) on my Cappy and I’m lovin it. I may be the only one that will admit it but free is free. I’ve have both Amazon and free music on my phone. It just depends on how I’m feeling at the time of the request. If I have the cash to buy I will but if not, I ride the free road.
    We can go back and forth about what should be free, what is stealing, and who is responsible at the end but this is like a Puff Daddy/Dirty Diddy Money party, “It don’t stop, It won’t stop, It can’t stop.
    Everyboyd wants something free even you Murani. I love it when people post on websites about how bad this is or how terrible people are but in the dark they maybe doing the same things. Even Apple, wants free things. They are now charging 30% on ebooks, songs, or other things from outside vendors, when you buy via their devices. What the F*ck. I’m sure MS will follow if it catches on.
    So we all can say how bad piracy is until we pull the curtains back on your own personal life and see that we are all the same.

  5. Apple, no question, did one hell of a job outweighing for the consumer the freeness of piracy of music with the convenience and simplicity of using their system and handing over their credit card one time to buy, for example, 500 CDs or whatever you bought. No question. How many cars and blue jeans did they sell Murani? None because they aren’t in the blue jeans business and neither is Google (well, unless you consider brokering ads effectively for those industries puts them in those businesses, in which case they would be) nor is Google in the business, yet, of selling music, other than putting Amazon’s app on their Android package.

    Apple used iTunes effectively to leverage a healthy app market. Google’s catching up fast.

    There’s nothing stopping an iPod owner from torrenting the Beatles discography and dragging it onto iTunes, but people generally don’t do that because A) it’s illegal B) it’s unethical C) most people don’t know how to do it and those who do may find it prohibitively difficult or risky and D) Apple makes it easy (after you spend two hours installing iTunes and handing over your credit card even if you just want to grab the free NYTimes app). And good for them, good for the musicians who benefit, good for the consumers who have more music, sorry Tower Records, whoopie.

    Check this out, it will blow your mind: Blackberry owners and Android owners can sync up their purchased (and pirated) music on their iTunes with their non-Apple phones. My wife, to use my wife as you used yours, used to be one of them. So statistically 100% of wives use iTunes legitimately whether they own an iPhone 4 or a Nexus S. I don’t fully understand what it is you think there is in the souls of people who thought they’d get one particular AT&T phone versus either another AT&T phone or a Google phone from AT&T or anywhere else that makes them innately want to steal.

    With regard to saying what I will about iPhone users and economic forces, while iTunes sells a lot of Cee-lo tracks, a couple more than the Amazon MP3 store I bet,

    So how come Apple doesn’t take a bigger swing at piracy by preventing mp3s from being dragged and dropped, why not force everything through iTunes? I’m also curious what your take is on the Google user base to grow faster than Apple’s, curious what you’ll be saying about app purchasing when Google’s market is bigger than Apple’s.

    So all this music that Apple sells: Think any of those CDs were sold as a result of promotion by the record labels and musicians using Youtube or Google? Not that big a roll probably but one people in that industry wouldn’t want to go away I’d bet. But here’s the thing: Whether it’s CDs, DVDs, bicycles, website traffic, bakeries, Amtrak … Google makes its money by helping whoever makes and sells pretty much everything make money and in the process helps people who one way or another have an Internet audience make money too in exchange for a cut of that money. That’s what they do and they do it quite well, better than anyone, ever. I bet you five pirated CDs that a whole lot of that mountain of money between everybody involved was used to buy iTunes music, sometimes while eating a donut bought at a local bakery someone spotted on a Google Maps Mobile advertisement, one of those location-aware ones.

    Hey Murani, did you know that Apple spends millions a year advertising on Google? Why would they do that if they’ve built up their own iTunes army?

    Man you don’t know shit from Shynola.

    FarTed: I never told you this but I’m pretty good at guitar. If someone bugged my apartment and made a mono mp3 of me jamming and sold it I’d go apeshit. I don’t know where you think you saw me rationalizing piracy, particularly given the efforts I’ve made on this site to do the opposite, but you mistook that for the exact point you made later on.

  6. @FarTed. That’s your very simplistic view of my comments. It could be a confession, or just a statement of truth. Because I mention that I have pirated music on my phone does not make it right. My point is everybody wants free. I’m sure you do too FarTed but the question is to what extent.

    I download free music/stuff because I want to and I can so f**k who don’t like it.

    Again, I love it when people come on sites and say thinkg like “I’ll never”. Like Fred G. Sanfords says “I bet you did”.

  7. That reminds me, I had recent occasion to go on the iTunes App Market to install the NYTimes app for some old lady. No wait, I had a need to go there to buy the thing but I couldn’t. Had to apologize and tell her that the next session I’d bring a computer in order to install something to let her read the Times on her new iPad.

    A few months later I discovered this. No wires needed, no software, no quicktime, just load the site and sign in with your gmail account. You can even trigger installations from the website on a computer.

    Or you can just use the app market thing on the phone.

    But Murani’s right, either based on his research, his gut or his sense of humor that I and my other Android buddies are nonetheless “scrooges that take pride in not paying for goods and services.” Goods and services, meaning not just things you get on the iTunes, but electricity, cable and your actual television. We either steal that shit or we’re Amish. And that’s because we bought a different phone than he did.

    What a load of horseshit. Thought that was mostly contained to WMPU, such loads of horseshit. Fucking iTunes, I’d rather get ten viruses than have to install that again, bet you I could clean them all out faster (and not have to uninstall all of my stolen porn just to free up almost a gig in order to get infected).

  8. Murani: Google introducing NFC (the thing Apple’s lifting from Google even ahead of Microsoft somehow) — if that doesn’t flop, do you think it will help or hurt commerce?

    Isn’t this not at all about which company contributes to the world and its economies more than the other but really just an Apple family head feeling like he and his wife and eventually iPhone-toting kids dumping charges onto his credit card better than the outsiders, earning more righteousness with those iTunes dollars?

  9. Ok, When I read this article I thought it was a joke. Do you just get a smartphone, Murani? I can download music just as easy on Android,Iphone, and WM/WP. You guys sound like old geezers,lol. Apple has stayed above the fray because they have force feed the masses Itunes. Pretty much every other device tries to bring you the internet but on your smartphone. Apple,since they want to be your dad, gives you a watered down internet(ie. Apps). Hate to tell you guys but the internet is like the wild wild west.

  10. i download music all the time. however, i justify it (at least in my head) by promoting all my favorite artists and DJs. I feel like I have forced a good ratio of people to go and buy the music I have shown them. I honestly feel like piracy has a grey zone. If I were to pirate music from a small artist with little resources, I would feel bad. However, when I download songs from blink-182 and eminem I do not really feel bad.

  11. To be clear Windows Phone FTW!!!!!!!!! I don’t buy Jobs’s puppet show. We’re a split house with me rocking Windows Phone and her deeply rooted in the iEcosystem (ugh!). I keep seeing charges after the fact which seriously pisses me off. Just use my Zune pass and download songs as part of the free ones that come with the subscription. Now she wants an iPad because “it can tune a guitar” inexplicably not addressing the fact she DOES NOT own a guitar!!!

    Music wizard is the name of the othe app I couldnt’ remember. I used to work at Circuit City in the music & video department and spent 20% of my paycheck every two weeks on new music. I have nothing against free stuff I just detest the pride some people display in using pirating means to get things. At least put a disclaimer that you’d buy things if you had the dough but instead i get smug remarks about how they aren’t and don’t have to pay for jack.

    I do the carrier billing on my Surround, screw Apple and their whole iTunes for everything crap. I won’t even allow it installed on my primary desktop and laptop.

    In the end i’m just taken aback at the pride people show in not paying for something. I may have had downloaded music but i never went around boasting about how I get over on the system. Forgive me as I am in the business of developing entrepreneurs (particularly tech related) and I shutter at the thought their efforts would be compensated poorly due to the emerging Android community. The Android marketshare has and continues to grow larger by the day. Thats alot of $$$$$ being stripped from the economy and only grows as Android undoubtedly continues to gain marketshare because of their multiple price point strategy.

  12. and lol at the definition I just found for “price point”

    n., bullshit speak for “price”, in common use by real estate industry “professionals” to emphasize a limited vocablary

    And that’s without “multiple” included.

    First time I’ve heard someone say that Android is a constantly growing attack on the economy. I’m going to need some time to digest that one.

    Roughly the amount of time I’d need to spend imaging someone spending 20% (pretax?) of their income on CDs or iTunes.

    I still don’t get where you’re seeing this parade of exclusively-Android hippy pirates cheering for each other and playing grabass while living either off the grid or underground and pissing on the hearts and souls of your entrepreneurs. To quote Kramer, “Frankly it sounds made-up.”

  13. @Doug Simmons: Truth is said to be stranger than fiction! Its funny that on my job there are a ton of Android phones and only 1 or 2 iphones. Even one of those iphone users just switched to the previously mentioned Evo. The power of an Evo, available apps and Sprints unlimited everything plan is seriously kicking tail in my neck of the woods.

    Disturbingly the middle aged men on my shift play a version of grab ass. Its quite disturbing let me tell you.

  14. So this is where you’re basing your declaration that Android users, very uniquely disproportionately to users of anything else (iphone in particular), are thieves? Your coworkers, you and your wife?

  15. For the sake of argument let’s grant you that all Android owners thumb their nose at the notion of paying for anything (I was going to pay for dinner last night but apparently TD Bank’s overdraft protection isn’t so reliable even though I called them to make sure on the way in, saying “Okay so if I spend a hundred bucks into the red it won’t be too painful?”). You know how there are tens of millions of Android phone owners, something like that, more of them blooming every day than iOS folk .. do you think they used to own iPhones but the scrooge Android robot snatched them from proper capitalism? Think they’d otherwise own an iPhone and contribute to society? No chance a whole lot of them used to have dumb/dumber phones/blackberries but Google managed, unlike Apple, to lure them?

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