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PSA: Stop Wasting Money – Check Your Plan

If you’re like me then when you signed up for your cell plan way back when you went all-in on the unlimited things. Got you data, texts and a fancy plan with more minutes per month than you need in a year but the bundled price was a steal so you went for it. Have you looked at your bill since then to see if you’re paying for more than you use? The carriers have moved to more tiered data plans lately and many of you may not realize how little data you actually use. A recent study (out of UK) from found that half of all respondents didn’t know how much mobile data they used and note that most people are afraid of the steep penalties for exceeding your plan but never calculate the overcharges for under using their plan. They note:

…the flip side of the coin hides the real story – people using too little data, not too much: the same consumer confusion sees many customers paying too much for their mobile broadband data tariff. Instead of a few people facing bills in their thousands, we’re talking about thousands of customers who could probably halve their mobile internet bill and see no difference in their online usage.

Many people wont think to check their bill unless it’s higher than normal – if it’s just the amount they expect, they don’t think to see how close they are to their limit. We strongly advise people to go back over their bills to see how much they could potentially save, either by reducing their tariff or even going to a pay-as-you-go deal.

I think they’re on to something. I checked my wife’s bill and realize that I should just get her a camera and call it a day. No idea why she has a data or text plan. What do you guys see? How much data do you use in a month? If you don’t know, a little social experiment – first note what you think the number is and then check the real number and tell us how close you were.