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Meet Androkkid

Androkkid is a new user interface from ssj5trunks whose projects also include iFonz2 so he’s not a newb to interfaces. It has the look and feel of Sense with a lot of customizability and is fully developed (there were betas but this is an actual release version). The features:

  • Add icons to desktop from list by tap on icon and release on desktop
  • If you tap icon you can move it were you want
  • If you move icon on X or on pen you can delete and edit it
  • Tapping on background open a default menu with a lot of actions on program
  • You can add contact from your contacts list
  • You can add url by typing it on program
  • You can minimize program by tapping on background and choose Minimize
  • There are a lot of settings in file Settings.ini in the application folder, you can modify but first make a backup
  • Here’s a video of it in action:

    I haven’t had a chance to play with it yet but it looks great and it should work for all resolutions. And don’t forget to put a little bit in the tip cup for the developer if you like his work.

    The download is available here and the XDA thread is here.