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Nokia Suing RIM, HTC and ViewSonic for Patent Infringement

It looks like Nokia is taking a page out of Microsoft’s book by turning to litigation to put some cash back into their pockets. The company is suing RIM, HTC and ViewSonic for patent infringement across 45 different proprietary technologies. They range from hardware features like antennas, radios and power management, to software features like multitasking, navigation, app stores, email attachment retrieval, conversational message display, dynamic menus and specific types of data encryption.

Nokia isn’t pulling in any profits right now with Samsung and Apple dominating, their stock tumbling and Samsung having finally overtaken them in the global phone market. They could use a nice cash injection to help them out while they hope for their Windows Phone partnership to finally take off.

The Finnish company has been down this road before, winning a big case against Apple last year to the tune of—at least it was estimated to be—nearly half a billion dollars. Nokia has a wealth of patents to call upon and an appetite to cash in on licensing them. While this court case could take some time before a verdict is ever reached and it won’t be an easy case to try, it could bring in some money to keep Nokia afloat if they come out on top.

[via The Verge]

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