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Microsoft Bans Firefox from Windows on Arm Tablets

There’s a lot of history here from the browser wars to the anti-trust matters but we’re set to repeat it. According to Mozilla, Microsoft has advised that Firefox will be banned from WinRT (Windows on ARM based processors). While Microsoft has not commented yet, Mozilla states that they were told the rationale is that WinRT has different power and security requirements and Microsoft wants to control that. Microsoft also is said to believe that WinRT isn’t Windows so the anti-trust argument goes out the Window. If you’re shocked by this go pick up an iPad and fire up Firefox on it…right. That’s the real history that’s repeating itself here. On ARM processors the browser comes preinstalled and locked down…Microsoft is following Apple’s lead here and being that there’s no litigation over Apple doing it (and clearly they are the leader of the pack and the one to look to for a monopoly) expect Microsoft to go down this path unwaveringly.

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