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Microsoft Knows The Non-Marketplace Apps You’ve Loaded

imageIf you recall the steps to tether a Windows Phone the first step was to dial a code that added an app called ‘diagnosis’ onto your phone. This ‘app’ was not loaded through Marketplace. It was on the phone already and was activated into your programs when the code was entered. But today, a Marketplace update appeared for those of us who had enabled the program. You see what happened right? A non-Marketplace app that was loaded onto the phone was seen by Microsoft’s servers and that triggered Marketplace to call for an update to the app. Why does this matter? Microsoft knows if your phone is sideloading apps and what those apps are. So you can expect that if someone violates the terms of use Microsoft detects it. Now, to date they haven’t done anything with that information except trigger an app update (which you should turn down since it revokes some privileges). But you can imagine them doing this to detect an improperly unlocked phone or to detect a pirated app.

In other words, stay tuned for the end of this story…