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Microsoft Reasserts That Qualcomm Is The Sole Chip Maker For WP7 Today and Tomorrow

I get that working with a closed set of chips means that you can optimize the heck out of them. Agreed. But Qualcomm isn’t the only chip maker in town. Well Microsoft is still using only Qualcomm chips and that appears to be staying that way. Andy Lees, head of the Windows Phone division, had an interview with Bloomberg and they reported it as follows:

Microsoft works exclusively with Qualcomm to develop chips that power handsets using its system, allowing it to specify technical details to ensure devices run more smoothly, the executive said.

There is currently no plan to work with other semiconductor makers for Windows Phone 7 devices, he said.

Frustrating. I mean, the goals are worthy but the method is pure fail. And I still have a bad taste in my mouth from Qualcomm and the Windows Mobile days…

I guess our only hope is Windows Phone 8.