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Microsoft Rumors: Wedge Mobile Windows 8 Keyboards Coming Soon


Microsoft is rumored to be prepping a new keyboard in conjunction with Windows 8 that they plan on introducing to the masses very soon. WinMAG leaked the purported image of the new keyboard, and it seems pretty safe to call this a legit leak.

Right now details are scarce, but it appears that the keyboard shown in the image will be called the Wedge Mobile keyboard. It’s tough to say how small the keyboard is without any real reference points to measure it up against, but judging by the name and the slim form-factor, this keyboard will be on the smaller side with portability in mind.

You can see Microsoft’s redesigned Windows logo and there are icons from the charm bar being introduced in Windows 8. There also seems to be a cover being packaged with it too, giving even more credence to the portable nature of the keyboard.

It has become increasingly apparent that Microsoft’s rebranding is going far beyond just software. The keyboard looks great, and let’s hope that Microsoft continues to roll out the new toys.

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