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FingerKeyboard2 v2.1 Released For Windows Mobile

I don’t care how much you love your slide out keyboard, there will always come a time when you need a good SIP (Software Input Panel), or on screen keyboard for fast input. I tend to use the Full QWERTY more than anything else when I am just trying to quickly enter something. But that might all come to halt with FingerKeyboard2 v2.1 that was released today for WVGA and WQVGA. If you are a VGA or QVGA Device Owner you will be happy to know that we will be getting our FingerKeyboard tomorrow (Monday).

Check out this Video and see for yourself:

FingerKeyboard2 has a lot of very cool features like customizable shortcuts for text to increase time savings. This really cool, because you can make them whatever you want. Email address, smiles (emoticons), web addresses, or whatever. It also has copy/paste short cuts that I think would be very handy as well. FingerKeyboard2 will also have a lot of themes as you saw in the video. There is just a ton included and it’s Free!

Head on over to XDA to claim your copy of FingerKeyboard2 v2.1 today if you have WVGA or WQVGA Device, tomorrow if you have the VGA or QVGA Screen

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