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Microsoft ‘s Woeful 44 Retail Store Target

ts times like this that I feel like walking away from Microsoft for good. I remember very vividly Ballmer boasting about how Microsoft was going to get serious about the retail space. They showed off two slides indicating how much market penetration they would perform and the location of the stores. Now we’re getting confirmation that there will only be 44 Microsoft Stores by the middle of 2013.

Come on Microsoft. You have the cool new Surface family of products, a great mobile platform in Windows Phone 8, Windows 8 to showoff to the masses and of course Xbox and SmartGlass to showcase. While every mall worth visiting has an Apple store Microsoft apparently wants to play it nice and slow and miss yet another opportunity to gain a strong foothold in the consumer space.

One of the big advantages, if you talk to people close by an Apple store, is the ability to take their Apple products into an Apple store and get help. So the next time Ballmer opens his mouth in public and claims not to leave no space to Apple somebody please remind him that the retail space is still very much left to Apple and will continue to be the case for the next couple of years.