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Fuze Mobility Reaches 1000 Articles!

I know this might be in bad taste, but it is really not for me that I am writing this. I just wanted to let everyone know that Fuze Mobility has reached the 1000 published article mark today and to give a huge round of appreciation to our team! First and foremost, I want to thank DavidK for his daily writing and his relentless pursuit of finding the absolute best tweaks and applications possible for the Fuze. I would also like to point out that David single handedly wrote the Tips And Tricks thread in our forums that has now been viewed over 175,000 times! I know that the ROM Chefs get a lot of attention, but I think David’s contributions to the community have been every bit as important. I also want to thank Mobile Matt Chapman and Herg for all of the developing they have done! Mobile Matt as many of you might remember is the developer for the FuzeBerry Theme which was incredibly popular and cooked into several ROM’s. Mobile Matt is now creating Windows Mobile 6.5 Titanium Themes that are really awesome. To catch more on Mobile Matt’s Themes, you can head over to our Forums where he has his own space to call home when he is not posting on his own website appropriately name We also have a full time ROM Chef and Application “porter” Herg on the team that has developed a very popular Cooked ROM called “D-FRESH-EST” that can be seen at our forums in “Herg’s Corner”. Also in Herg’s Corner is all his porting work from other devices to our HTC Touch Pro and AT&T Fuze. I also wanted to thank Patrick Kortendick, Dr. Jim Taylor, Steve Davis, Anudeep Pillarisetty, Ramon Trotman, Gil Bouhnick, Chris Leiter, and Kristofer Brozio for all their hard work.

So after 1000 articles on Fuze Mobility, I wanted to thank you for stopping by our websites. It has been a pleasure being part of this community and providing information for people to maximize the performance on their HTC Touch Pro and AT&T Fuze. We have a lot of new stuff coming and invite you to check out Mobility Digest which is the parent website to all of our niche blogs, You will find all of our published writing from Tilt Mobility and Fuze Mobility posted there as we continue to move towards one website in the future. And for all you XBOX 360 Owners out there, please check out our newest website XBOX 360 Digest. Patrick Kortendick and his team are doing an excellent job bringing you all the news and reviews you need for your XBOX 360! so check them out and thanks again for stopping by Fuze Mobility, Tilt Mobility and Mobility Digest!

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