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WP7 Consumer Experience

I was cruising the WP7 scene on XDA and came across this comment by Croak, who went from an Android phone to the HTC Surround, in the WP7 Tips and Tricks thread. I found it astonishing and want to run it by you:

1. Buy a Windows Phone 7 device on launch day
2. Discover you can’t connect to either your work or home WiFi networks because they are hidden.
3. Discover you can’t install Zune x64 software on your work Vista machine without the installer crashing.
4. Discover that the colors on the Surround are waaaay off, red looks like orange, orange looks like yellow.
5. Discover that you can’t read more than 4 email headers without scrolling.
6. Discover there is no way to reduce the text size in the email applications.
7. Discover that you can’t use the device as portable storage.
8. Discover that when you do get Zune installed at home, your LiveID from the US won’t work while you’re in Canada.
9. Discover that the market is driven from the X360 points system, and that your confused country status won’t even let you purchase points with a credit card.
10. Discover that the points thing is not really an issue, since there’s nothing in the market worth paying for anyway.
11. Discover that your fancy speaker-slider phone with kickstand has no landscape menu system when in the Zune media player.
12. Discover that while the front panel of the HTC Surround is aluminum, it does not survive being hurled at a brick wall in frustration.

Is any of that true? J/w… >:)

Doug Simmons