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Microsoft Tag Now Supports NFC and All Standard Codes

Microsoft is getting its feet wet in the NFC arena. Remember, there’s a lot that makes up NFC and this is not peer to peer payments. This is a part of their Tag application so this is geared towards getting information (like advertising, similar to QR codes).

To help simplify the growing fragmentation currently taking place in the barcode/reader market, today Microsoft Tag is providing support for the two commonly used 2D barcode formats (Tag and QR Codes) and for Near Field Communications (NFC) capabilities. With this extension, brands have the freedom to choose the format most appropriate for their campaigns and give consumers the ease of one reader to use.

The Tag Reader apps are slated to get an update that supports NFC, but this only impacts phones that support NFC currently (so we’re mostly talking about Android). This is a start for Microsoft though. The update also means that the app will read all types of codes, not just Microsoft Tag codes so it does expand on the app cross platform.

You can read more here.

via GeekWire