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Use Your iPhone With This DIY Tooth Fairy Delivery System

tooth-fairy-transportThere are some pretty clever people in the world but when a Dad turns his imagination and some spare PVC pipe to amaze his kids, it gets our attention and admiration. This is especially true for Jeff Highsmith who has easily elevated himself to “Super Dad” with his kids and his DIY Tooth Fairy Delivery System which can not only make the kids losing teeth a less scary time, but a lot of fun!

Jeff uses 1-1/2 inch PVC and a hidden vacuum to power the delivery system which has openings at two points. My wife would have freaked if I would have cut holes in the walls like Jeff did but since it was for the kids, I think anything can be overlooked. The whole vacuum transport system is then controlled by a Raspberry PI, which is a small bare bones computer system and an iPhone which gets glues to the wall using an OtterBox Defender belt clip and case. He says it’s not expensive but last time I checked a Defender Case costs $50 bucks.






The integration of the iPhone as a control panel is brilliant and really draws the kids into the whole process. After the child loads the tooth, or anything that will fit in the small medicine bottle with Velcro around to make it more airtight and allow the vacuum to make suction necessary  to move the transport bottle, it is whisked away while the child watches it disappear to the Tooth fairy Tree House. Pretty clever is that Jeff then makes the tooth delivery wait on hold while it is being reviewed by the Tooth Fairy allowing a parent to slip out of the room and exchange the tooth for some loot and send it back to the waiting child expecting to cash out.

This is really clever and our hats off to Jeff. Watch the video below for the whole system setup and the priceless look on his sons face. IT’s worth the hole in the wall and the expense!