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Microsoft Touts Another Dev Earning A Living With WP7

imageMicrosoft Advertising has a new case study about Richard Foster who is behind Edgeway Software. Edgeway has titles for WP7 including the game Rocket21 (which is great) stop[ watches and a ton of amusing apps. Well turns out those little apps have already netted him almost $30,000 in advertising revenue in 4 months. He also has some paid apps so there’s probably a few more dollars to his bottom line. And yes, Microsoft nows about Elbert Perez and his success so if they’re on top of things you can expect to see him highlighted shortly. Oh and they also now about the eCPM issue.  Anyway, here’s their complete release:

Case Study, 03/30/11

As a part-time developer, Richard Foster wanted to find an easy, yet lucrative way to implement ads into his Windows Phone 7 Silverlight apps.

Richard Foster, once a DOS programmer and now working for the family dry cleaning business and developing mobile applications part-time for his company Edgeway Software, is ecstatic about the results he is seeing developing for WindowsPhone 7. Since the introduction of his first app, Unit Converter, in November, Richard has now developed more than 14 apps – all with the Microsoft Advertising SDK for Windows Phone 7 for mobile.

Richard had developed paid apps for the Windows Mobile 6x platform, but since there are a huge number of free apps in the new marketplace for Windows Phone 7, he made the switch to ad-supported apps. For him, this model proved the most lucrative.


Richard has made $28,882 in four months with his suite of apps. “Once I made the switch and implemented the new Silverlight Ad SDK, my revenue went through the roof,” Richard says. “Ease of development was really the spark that allowed me to develop so rapidly. I have used SDK’s from Millennial and AdMob for Android and from a novice perspective, theWindows Phone 7 Ad SDK is far easier. Really top notch.”