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Microsoft working on a Xbox tablet called Surface?

The Verge may have stumbled upon something we’ve all been waiting for, well, if you are a gamer at least. The rumor suggests Microsoft is secretly working on a Xbox 7 inch gaming tablet supposedly carrying the name “Xbox Surface.” Pardon me if I do not get excited, I was perhaps looking for something more along the lines of a PS Vita or even a Gameboy, but a tablet? Hmmm, this is new. Or is it?

Apple has been claiming some sort of self proclaimed king of gaming crowns for a few years, thanks to the ipad. There is without doubt promise of gaming on a tablet, in fact, most people I know with tablets, gaming is among the most frequent things they do. More into the rumors come some chat about the device using a yet to be announced Intel SOC chipset and to feature popular messaging and other such tablet functionality, all the while not being an actually Windows 8 or RT tablet. Interesting.