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Miss WinMo?

Congrats WP7ers, by official estimates you now outnumbering your WinMo counterparts. It also appears, more importantly, that WinMo is finally going in reverse with an existing and an accelerating rate of attrition for this month thus far. In other words, WinMo’s being phased out finally as the WP7 base increases – not as fast as it used to like during the launch and a second bump when a bunch of Nokia employees found out they’d better start fiddling with a Focus, but it’s increasing with a smart phone daily active Facebook user share of a solid 0.48% which if history repeats itself will, as sure as you were born, hit 0.49%.

Normally I don’t do this because unlike you guys I’m not obsessed with the other guys’ thing but I pulled up WP7’s Wikipedia page to check out how its acclaimed updating system has been being put to use and because that section was so short I overscrolled into a more intriguing one, Features removed from Windows Mobile. As I read through it I thought a few things: “Damn, that’s a lot of stuff – wait really, that too? Oh yeah, I remember writing about that, etc” and then “You know what, I bet the WP7 crowd has completely forgotten about all of this and is quite happy without these features for the most part, but just to be sure I ought to run it by them. What, I’m curious.”

If you don’t mind indulging me, am I right that most of you WP7 users are doing A-okay, in spite of alarmist blogging about the matter as we first caught wind of these things being taken away from us (yes us, I was winmo) without the likes of the following which by the way doesn’t include some very key things like the ability to sideload? Here’s the section. I guarantee to myself that, while a few may admit that you miss this or that, not one of you will wish you hadn’t gone forward due to any of the following because WP7 and the devices on which it rides, the Focus in particular, it’s just that damn good and if I knew what were good for me I’d try it or at least watch some youtube clips. Am I right? Pay no mind to the pictures.

Features removed from Windows Mobile

Windows Phone 7 lacks some features that were found in earlier versions of Windows Mobile. Among the features that have been confirmed to arrive in the near-future include cut, copy, and paste, full multitasking for 3rd party apps, and Adobe Flash. Windows Phone 7 supports upgradable storage via an SD Card; however SD card memory is merged with the phone’s internal storage, and changing the SD card causes the phone to reset to factory settings. Windows Phone 7 does not support connecting to Wi-Fi (wireless) access points which are hidden[73] or have a static IP address, tethering to a computer (although it can be done via a hack on the Samsung Focus), video calling, VoIP calling, USB mass-storage, universal email inbox, universal search, a system-wide file manager, Bluetooth file transfers, USSD messages, or custom ringtones.

Windows Phone 7 devices only support syncing with Exchange ActiveSync over the network. There is no support for syncing with Exchange ActiveSync using a cable or cradle.

In the enterprise, Windows Phone 7 does not support Office documents with security permissions, IPsec security, on-device encryption, strong passwords, or internet sockets. While the older Windows Mobile phones supported the full range of Microsoft Exchange Server policies, Windows Phone 7 only supports a small subset of Exchange features. The Calendar app no longer has a ‘Weekly’ view. The list of past phone calls is now a single list, and cannot be separated into inbound, outbound or missed calls.

Not to change the subject or use some sort of a snide tone with you but I got twenty bucks that says I’ll see bikinis in Central Park again before you see your any-minute-now WP7 mega copy paste update. Any takers?

Yes, the pics or it didn’t happen rule applies.

Doug Simmons