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Mobile Fun Weekly Roundup Griffin Survivor, PS Vita, Bluetooth Headsets Galore, Kobo and Crumpler

It’s been a while since I’ve posted any of the Mobile Fun news and I’m not sure why, they just kind of slipped through the cracks I think. I get a few hundred emails per day and sometimes more and things just get lost. Anyway they’ve got some good stuff of course. One of the things mentioned in here is the Sony MW600 BT headset, I have one and I have to say it’s a great little product.


There’s a few products, old and new to tell you about today 🙂

First up is the Griffin Survivor – now this case has been around for a while now and featured on numerous TV shows but some people still don’t know it exists! The Griffin Survivor iPhone 4 case also fits the 4S too and it’s the ultimate case for protection – if you watch the Gadget show you’ll know that it won their test and even survived a controlled explosion – that’s hardcore.

The Survivor is multi-layered like an Otterbox and has protection for all the ports, plus it also comes with a clip for your belt or bag so it’s easy to carry around too – we’re selling this case for £29.95.

After the success of the Skylanders we’re branching out into gaming things a little more on Mobile Fun so we’ve started to source Playstation Vita accessories as the device is being released this month in the UK.  We’ve got a pretty cool Playstation Vita case which holds your games and doubles up as a stand for your Vita and more Playstation Vita chargers than you can shake a stick at – including a great Universal charger that can be used in the UK, US, Asia and Europe – so if you’re off on your holidays then charging is sorted.

We’ve been looking pretty closely at Bluetooth Headsets this week and the use of multipoint and multiuse in them and there’s three here which we don’t think enough people know about or appreciate.  The first is the Jabra Wave – this is one of the most stylish and discreet bluetooth headsets, but does have a longer mic than most, meaning it reduces wind noise and makes calls a lot clearer.  The wave also uses multiuse so you can connect it to two devices at once – so it’s great for work and play.  It’s ins tock now costing £39.99.

Another great bluetooth headset which uses multipoint is the Sony Ericsson MW600 – measuring the same as a battery this headset kind of does it all and even allows you to plug in your own headphones for ultimate comfort.  It handles your calls, plays music, has it’s own FM radio and streams everything wirelessly.  The MW600 is an amazing tiny headset compatible with most handsets – even better it’s under £40.

The final bluetooth headset we think is the best that you can get – it’s the Plantronics Voyager PRO HD. This headset has Smart Sensor technology to help to decide whether to divert a call to the headset or your phone; it knows when to turn itself on or off; it streams music and audio from your phone, is multipoint and uses Wind Smart Technology to help block out wind noise.  It really is an impressive bluetooth headset, costing £64.95.

Over at GearZap, they’ve starter to source a Kobo case range including this gorgeous Tuff Luv Embrace case which is available in purple, with red coming soon too.  It’s made from a leather style material so is animal friendly and the case has a cool hand-band so you hold your Kobo comfortably.  This Tuff Luv case is a Kobo Vox case and has all the cut-outs for the ports and features so your Vox keeps going at all times.  It’s a great case for a really popular e-reader.

Finally over at Lovecases they’re expected stock of Crumpler camera bags today including the Crumpler Quick Escape.  The Quick Escape Case will fit a DSLR with a short zoom lens and comes with a massive 30 year guarantee so you know the quality is extremely high.  The case has a soft protective lining, with a tongue divider to help with storage and it even has an integrated rain cover so your camera will be protected really well in this case.  There’s also over SLR camera bag styles from Crumpler which are due in stock today.