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Mobile Fun Weekly Roundup of New Products

It’s been a while since I’ve posted the Mobile Fun Roundup here, but it’s their weekly update of new products and they’ve got some really cool Star Wars cases for iPhone and iPad. They’ve also got new Nexus 7 cases in stock. I’m trying to get a Nexus 7, it would be nice to get one for review but I doubt it will happen. I am trying to trade for one though on one of the forums I sell my stuff on, so maybe I’ll get lucky over there.. Anyone have a Nexus 7 they’d like to trade something for? Anyway, here’s the latest from Mobile Fun:


Lets start with Star Wars. I love a bit of Star Wars – for me Return of the Jedi will always be my favourite, but I always wanted Mace Windu’s purple lightsaber. Anywho we’ve got these pretty cool Stormtrooper inspired cases in stock now. We’ve got the iPhone 4/4S version and one for the iPad 2/3.

Both cases are silicone style so offer great scratch protection and even some form of shock absorption, should you drop your iPhone or iPad. They’ve got all the cut-outs for ports and features too so you don’t have to worry about removing the case all the time. The force is strong with this case 🙂


Next up we’ve received stock of the Otterbox Defender for HTC One X. Another case in the popular Otterbox brand, the Defender case uses three high quality layers of protection to keep the One X protected at all times.

The first layer is a polycarbonate shell to prevent bumps and drops, layer two is a silicone skin to absorb shocks and scratches and the final layer is a screen protector, ensuring that the One X is 100% protected.

What’s even better about the Defender case is that it uses silicone plugs to cover all the ports and features in order to keep them protected and fully functioning too!



For S3 owners here’s the first of two new rather cool cases – I’m a big fan of this White Diamonds Samsung Galaxy S3 case as it’s got a splash or sparkle without being over the top and looking a bit chavvy – too much bling can definitely be a bad thing!

The splash design of this case is really nice too, as you get to see some of the original style of the handset too, thanks to the slim style. Made from a tough plastic material, the case is highly protective from bumps and drops too and has all the cut-outs to keep the handset fully functioning.  I only wish they did this case for iPhone!


This next Galaxy S3 case is a definite for Android fans – you can show your allegiance to Android thanks to the robot motif splashed all over the case. The clear design of case makes it great for with either the blue or white S3 as you get to see the Android image and the sleek original design of the handset.

The Cruzerlite Androidified case is lightweight and thin so doesn’t add much bulk to the device too – it’s protective but a great fun and funky design too – I think this is going to be a massive seller.

Finally, earlier this week Will put together a video of the Top 5 Google Nexus 7 cases we have to offer at the moment – if you’ve got a Nexus 7, it’s definitely worth a watch!