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Mobility Digest Review: Mobile Manager for Netflix Released and Reviewed

Netflix released their new Mobile Manager just the other day and the most amazing part of it is the fact that it is released by the company that the product is actually for!  No offense to the other versions, Smartflix or Netflix Mobile, but this new interface is very smooth and mostly useful.

Windows Mobile now offers a mobile application for Netflix. The new Netflix application for Windows Mobile phones makes it simple to manage your Netflix experience from a mobile device. You can search the entire Netflix library for your next film, get complete movie details, and even manage your DVD queue. Easily update your queue by moving films up, moving films down, or removing films from your queue.

A feature exclusive to Windows Mobile is the ability to play previews right on your Windows Mobile device. After watching a preview, you can then add the movie to your Instant Queue so you can instantly watch the movie on your Xbox 360.

Download it here.

Read on for some more thoughts and screenshots!

You can view your queue and search for movies and the more impressive thing is that you can view your DVD queue, your instant queue, what you have At Home, your Saved Queue and your saved Instant.  I don’t have the best Netflix account, so I don’t have instant viewing and I can only have 2 a month, but its still good.  And yes that IS Horton Hears a Who on there and I don’t have kids…  You can also rearrange your queue, move up/down or remove the movies and also search.

The DOWNFALL is the searching…

Thats it… Those 2 screens are all you can do.  There are no “most popular” links or category links like on the website which would be VERY nice if it were included in there.

The information you get AND the preview are very impressive.  Watching the preview full screen auto-rotates the video to take up the full beauty that is VGA and the video runs nice and smooth.

So if you’re a Netflix Junkie, go get the app and give it a go.  Its nicer looking and smoother than other apps and again, the best part is that its released by Netflix themselves.

Read up and post about it in our forums!

Build 45 … add most popular and categories! 🙂

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