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Mobile TV coming to your Cell Phone for FREE

As reported on, Free TV service on your Cell phone!

Now you all may be thinking that mobile TV is already possible through MobiTV or SPBTV but this is different.  This is free over the air digital TV.

Broadcasters throughout the country are switching to all-digital transmission in June as part of a government mandate. And as part of the switch, some broadcasters will also broadcast their over-the-air TV signals on a digital sub-channel for mobile devices. The standard that will be used to transmit the signal is called ATSC Mobile DTV. And the hope is that consumer electronics makers, like cell phone manufacturers, will include the technology in their products so that they can receive the signals.

Sounds REALLY cool… but it also sounds like I’ll need ANOTHER new cell phone soon, huh?  The trial will take place in the DC-Baltimore area sometime this summer and handsets may be limited with only LG and Samsung showing them off as of now.  Also why would the networks want to give this away when you need to pay for it now?

via CNET

Also in the land of Mobile TV, MobiTV has shown off their mixTV digital service at the National Association of Broadcasters show in Vegas.  Read the whole story via Engadget.