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winmoFinance Gets Updated To Version 1.8

If you are looking for a really nice Windows mobile Finance app then check out winmoFinance by Maximus Mobile that just got updated:

“winmoFinance is an all in one finance app that designed for professional or personal use. It enables Windows Mobile Device owners to keep track of their Expenses and Revenues. With a very finger friendly, eye catching, and unique animation designs, it makes the process of tracking your money even more exciting and fun.
In addition to keep track of your money on mobile device, winmoFinance supports exporting of data to a more friendly file format that you can easily open and edit with Microsoft Excel on your Desktop.

Another unique feature that makes winmoFinance unlike any others is the ability to use your mobile device camera to capture your receipt or check that associated with your expense or revenue entry.”

July 10, 2010 – v1.8.100419 Released.

1. Redesigned and Improved overall User Interface for smoother transitions.
2. Added: Multiple currencies support.
3. Added: Under Preferences, option to enable/disable display default currency code.
4. Added: Recurrence transactions.
5. Added: Create transfer transactions.
6. Added: Copy/Move/Remove multiple transactions to a different period/account.
7. Added: Default action for creating new period.
8. Added: Password protection.
9. Added: Under new transition, Transaction Status.
10. Modified: Periods Management. period now won’t be deleted unless specify by user. All transactions will belong to period/s. A Default period is used if no period is specified.
11. Modified: Smart CSV Import. Now you can specified your own CSV file format for importing. Please visit winmoFinance homepage for more information.

Requirements & Supports:

  • .NET Compact Framework 3.5
  • Windows Mobile 6.x Professional
  • QVGA, VGA, WVGA Screen Resolution
  • Landscape support
  • ApptoDate support

There is a trial version so you can test it out and the app with serial number will run you $5.99. Remember you can still get 25% off that if you buy it right now, so head on over to Maximus Mobile for more information.