Wow, David just tipped us off to some great deals happening at They have a Last Day Easter Sale with the Motorola FINITI Bluetooth Headset for $49.99! That’s 62% off the original $129.99 price. This is the headset that is David’s daily driver and he says he loves it so it must be pretty decent. We all know how picky he is. has a bunch of other stuff on sale too so make sure you shop around the site for whatever else you might need.



  1. Don’t forget to get an extra 7% Off Coupon Code: CELL7
    it works too. Shipping was $5 (regular mail)

  2. Wow, you guys are so late with this post. Cellphoneshop has had this deal for about two months now. I got this headset at the beginning of march after watching this headset on their site for a month waiting for the price to drop. But better late then never, right. This site has some amazing deals and I advise everyone to check it out. I got 32gb sd card at great price along with the headset.

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