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Mobility Digest goes BlackBerry Playbook Hands On

If you were wondering how the PlayBook looks and feels here is a quick hands-on of the PlayBook.


  • Nice, small size.  Feels lightweight yet solidly built.
  • Zippyness of the UI.
  • Flash enabled.


  • Small App Catalog
  • No native email client.  Unheard of and unfathomable in this day and age.
  • Insanely tiny power button.  Both me and the store associate thought the power was drained because the button was so small and recessed that we kept missing the button.
  • UI depends on unintuitive gestures.  If you didn’t know the bezel was capacitive than you would literally have no idea how to get around.
  • Price. I can’t understand why so many OEMs are charging so much for so limited a device.  Without tons of apps and broad platform connectivity superiority it just feels limited in so many ways.