If you were wondering how the PlayBook looks and feels here is a quick hands-on of the PlayBook.


  • Nice, small size.  Feels lightweight yet solidly built.
  • Zippyness of the UI.
  • Flash enabled.


  • Small App Catalog
  • No native email client.  Unheard of and unfathomable in this day and age.
  • Insanely tiny power button.  Both me and the store associate thought the power was drained because the button was so small and recessed that we kept missing the button.
  • UI depends on unintuitive gestures.  If you didn’t know the bezel was capacitive than you would literally have no idea how to get around.
  • Price. I can’t understand why so many OEMs are charging so much for so limited a device.  Without tons of apps and broad platform connectivity superiority it just feels limited in so many ways.


  1. Lol, trying to post while walking and dodging my supervisor isn’t easy. Risky business but it needed to be put up. Going forward I’ll have a solid format on reviews.

  2. I like your review. I have had a play with the device as well, and to be honest I don’t think there’s alot more to say about it. Also, live flash 9 h264 video doesn’t work. Which was another minus.
    Useless device.

  3. I had a hands on with this useless device the day it cane out. Return to sender. This thing needs more time in the oven.

    Scratch that. RIM just needs to go away.

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