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Mobility Digest Monday Apple News!

I love it, I can already feel the flaming coming! Oh well, what is a little Mobility Digest Monday Apple News to start the week off right for what will undoubtedly be Apples biggest week of 2011. First off, let’s hit the Apple stock that soared over night to over $700.00 per share and eased slightly during trading hours but is still holding at $699 at the time of this writing. This could have to do with the few…MILLION devices they presold in the first 24 hours. Try 2 million to be exact. Where I have no great fan boy love for Apple, I do prefer the iPhone as my daily driver for many reasons. I did in fact preorder my iPhone 5 last week at Best Buy and looking forward to my shiny new 32gb version showing up on this Friday! Yes,, I will be in line early only because I enjoy hanging out with the other tech geeks like me.


Wait! We still have some goodies happening before the Friday launch of the iPhone 5! iOS 6 is due to roll out this Wednesday so we can all get our feet wet before the hardware roll out of the iPhone 5 on Friday. I know there has been tons written bout iOS 6 and many developers already having their hands on it for quite some time, but for the average consumer, you get to upgrade Wednesday!

But how fast will the A6 processor be? According to 9To5Mac the iPhone 5 spanked the iPhone 4S by over 1000 points using GeekBench Browser. The results of the test can be found here:   iPhone5,2 vs iPhone 4S. the iPhone5 scored 1601 where the current model scored 631. Impressive but how does the iPhone 5 compare to other flagship devices?

The Nexus 7 powered by a Quad Core Tegra 3 kicked out a 1591 and the Samsung Galaxy S 3 scored a 1560. It wasn’t until the Quad Core SGS3 with Jelly Bean (Android 4.1) that beats the iPhone 5 hands down with a score of 1781.

All sounds great for Apple until these knuckleheads show up and start waiting in line 5 days before launch. They definitely give Apple device owners a bad name! LOL


Enjoy and have a great week waiting on Apple to kick us out some iOS 6 goodness Wednesday and some iPhone 5 this Friday!

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