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Investor Blaming Jobs For Lack Of Confidence In Apple Today?

I can only think that Tim Cook is pulling his hair out on a daily basis fighting the legacy of Steve Jobs. Jobs was a genius. Everyone knows that. Jobs was an asshole. Everyone knows that. Fast forward to today. Tim Cook at the helm of the tech giant Apple has been under fire almost immediately since taking over. From not innovating at the pace investors think Apple should and releasing new devices.

So it is with great amusement that reading Business Insider today that Julian Robertson “hedge fund legend” (stinking rich old fart) explains why he dumped Apple shares at the beginning of the year. It simply had to do with Steve Jobs was a "really awful" person. Take pause and consider this for a moment. Is there really anyone that doesn’t know about this? Let alone a “hedge fund legend” who would have had just about any inside information he wanted including access to Steve Jobs himself?

"I came to the conclusion that it was unlikely that a man as really awful as I think that Steve Jobs was, could possibly create a great company for the long term. I just don’t believe bad guys … do well in the long run," Robertson said.

He added, "How can you create a great organization of people and be that mean a person?"

What is truly amazing is what he said next:

"There’s no question that — and I think if he were still there, I’d still be in it," he said. "I think he’s one of the great geniuses of the world. But — he’s not the kind of guy I think that would develop a long-standing company."

Rarely does anyone get to his station in life by being an idiot. So it’s safe to say that he is not. However, if you decide that Apple is not going to grow at the rate you think they should from a CEO that has not impressed you, just say so. Really? Steve Jobs is an “awful person”?

Doesn’t cut it with me. Do you think Money Bags Robertson grew a heart and conscience and wanted to be part of good people doing business? Yeah, I didn’t think so either.

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