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Mobility Digest new look and social media

mobilitydigestlogosquareHopefully you all have noticed Mobility Digestโ€™s new look! We needed a freshen up but did not want to get to heavy with our theme selection and finally decided on this one. I definitely hope you all like it as much as I do. We have done our best to keep the ads to a minimum, just enough to pay the bills, and make sure there is no annoying text link for our readers to trip over. In all fairness, I tested them not too long ago and Simmons (Mobility Digest Writers Union Leader) organized a revolt and they were taken down. One of the cool things about this theme was the opportunity to add more related content links around the page. We now have over 5,555 article in our database and we hate to see them get buried. So we have some avenues now to bring them back from the abyss and provide our readers with even more related material they may want to read. I also need to thank Kristofer Brozio for the massive work he put into the upgrade. Of course, Doug Simmons does a lot to fix problems and keep things fresh. He is also the keeper of our sidebar polls plugin which is always amusing. Lastly, Patrick Kortendick who has been a long time contributor.

Now, did you happen to notice we are all over the social media thang too?  Check out our RSS, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and now Google+! Please like us or follow us on these social media outlets to our content.

Lastly, who out there is creative? We need a new logo to go with our new look. Got any ideas? Send them to us!

As always, thank you for reading Mobility Digest. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to make our website a better place for everyone to enjoy.

Doug Smith


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