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SolMate: iPhone’s Hottest Solar, Inductive and Battery Case

Here’s another Kickstarter project you green iPhone users might want in on… It’s the SolMate for your iPhone (funny, haha, play on words there, you see that?!) which is a solar battery case with inductive charging.  Just put your phone in the case and let the sun do it’s thing to keep your battery charged..


Come Spring 2012, consumers can look forward to solving their portable power problems with SolMate™, a smartphone power casing packing solar electricity, inductive charging, battery storage and energy management software that ups the ante on smartphone battery life.

Developed by GreenSimian™, the brainchild of two Seattle veterans from Microsoft and Texas Instruments, SolMate for iPhone 4/4S is the duo’s first product that delivers unmatched portable power for power-hungry iPhone users. Milled from a single aluminum block, the form-fitting SolMate casing sports a trifecta of power harvesting options; starting with a Qi (Chee) inductive charging chip, a powerful 18%-efficient solar cell, a custom 1600 mA lithium-ion battery and proprietary power management electronics and software that replicates utility-scale solar power plant in the palm of your hands. SolMate’s solar technology will generate up 30% additional uptime of the native iPhone battery on an average daily use, while its backup battery will doubles the iPhone’s battery life.

“SolMate is not another iPhone casing. It’s a seductive combination of software, microelectronics and power-generating semi-conductors that take mobile power to a new level” said Jamie Wojcik, GreenSimian CTO and co-founder.

“We would like to invite technology enthusiasts to pre-order SolMate via our project dubbed “SolMate: iPhone’s Hottest Solar, Inductive and Battery Case” said Adam Benzion, GreenSimian’s co-founder and CEO.   

The company is planning on delivering a slew of additional products in the next 12 months that will address the growing needs of smartphone users who want “on-the-go” power solutions. The company’s SolCurve™ technology will be used to power its device line up.