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Mobility Digest Review: CandyShell Flip for AT&T iPhone 4

Jim S: “My nephew uses his Bose Sound Dock Portable almost every day. Sounds incredible and easy to move around.”

Doug Smith (iPhone 4 fanboy) : “One problem with all the docking stations I was looking at is that none of them work with a case/otterbox”

Jim S: “Very true. Nephew pops off his case to use”

That was a snippet from a recent staff email conversation about docking stations. I am sure there are many people out there like Doug Smith and Jim S’ nephew who would love to have a case for their iPhone and at the same time be able to easily dock the phone on a docking station to listen to music around the home. Well, I have the answer for everyone that has this problem. The answer is the Speck CandyShell Flip for the iPhone 4 ($35).

The Speck CandyShell case has been one of the most popular cases for all the previous iPhone generations and with the new iPhone 4 speck released a slight variation in its most popular case design making it dock friendly and non-iPhone cable friendly. The Flip just like the regular CandyShell case is made of two layer, a soft rubbery shock absorbent inner layer and a hard glossy outer layer. The volume buttons and the top power button are also covered in the same rubbery material and works really well. All the buttons and really responsive even with the protection over the buttons. I actually like the covering over the buttons makes them feel more tactile and easier to press.

The soft rubbery material covers the entire back of the phone, the sides, the buttons and even extends slightly above the screen to offer some protection for the screen. There is also a hole pattern in the back rubber of the phone and this pattern is to likely reduce the weight of the case but to still have the same protection level. The hard glossy back shell is really nice but scratches on the case can be seen really easily. Also unlike the regular CandyShell case, the flip does not come with a screen protector which I was a little disappointed about.

The one really awesome feature about this case is the flap at the bottom of the case that rotates a 120 degrees back. This feature allows for the case to be used in any dock with out having to go through the hassle of removing the case every time.  I tested the case on a few docks and I did not have any issues with docking the phone with the case fully on and the flap closed but if there is an issue then the flap can easily be removed.

Overall, this was a really awesome case. It provides great protection for the phone and has the option of being able to be used in docking stations without having to take the case off which is a big advantage for those who use a dock a lot. The case fits really tightly on the phone and it feels really great when you hold it. It has adds a very sturdy feel to the phone. There are currently only 4 different color options and I wish there were more. However, This is a really great case and I would highly recommend this case to anyone. Currently, only the ATT version of the case is available and from what I have heard there are no plans on a Verizon version.

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