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Mobility Digest Review – Cut The Rope: Experiments for iOS

Today, the sequel to the insanely popular game ‘Cut the Rope’ was released. We ran a brief story about it this morning, and were asked to review it. Since I love the original game, I decided to give this one a go too.

Cut the Rope: Experiments adds a couple of new game mechanics to the already stellar Cut the Rope formula which include a new rope gun and suction cups. They help to create some incredibly thought provoking levels (75 in all!) which will try your patience and skill. Feeding Om Nom has never been this difficult!

If you’re not familiar with the Cut the Rope game mechanics, you are basically given a simple set of tools (ropes, blowers, bouncers, balloons, and ‘auto-rope-zones’) which will help you navigate the various levels. You guide a piece of candy to the ever cute Om Nom and try to collect three stars scattered around the particular level before feeding the little guy. The more stars you get in the least amount of time, the better your score.

The new suction cups and rope guns allow you to precisely control the candy’s ascent or descent in the level. This game is very addictive and you’ll find yourself trying to perfect every level. I just wish the initial release of this update to Cut the Rope had a few more levels. 75 sounds like a lot, but I finished it pretty quickly.

The iPhone / iPod version is only $.99 and the iPad ‘HD’ version is only $1.99 and they are both available on the Apple App Store.

This game is rather short, so I feel a quick review is fair. However, I recommend this game and look forward to all of it’s upcoming updates! Thumbs up!