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Mobility Digest Review: eggshell for iPod touch 4G

Hello all! I’ve got another quick review for you of another case for the Apple iPod Touch 4th Generation. The case was provided by our friends over at USBFever and it’s called the eggshell. An odd name for sure, but it gets its name from the fact that it’s very thin and lightweight but durable like an eggshell. The case isn’t all you get though, you’ll find a screen protector and a headphone storage widget included in the box.

Author: Kristofer Brozio

Vendor: USBFever

Price: $14.99

Overall Rating: 4.5/5


eggshell for iPod touch 4G

eggshell for iPod touch 4G is as light and thin as an egg shell and adds a layer of protection to iPod touch without adding additional weight or bulk. eggshell for iPod touch 4G is only about 0.7mm thick yet the polycarbonate material is strong enough to still protect iPod from light bumps and scratches.

eggshell is available in Clear, Smoke and Black colors. Clear preserves the original look and feel of iPhone and is barely noticeable when attached. Smoke also has a clear finish. Black is rubber coated for a unique texture and gives a good secure feeling when gripped in your hand.

With eggshell on, all iPod touch ports and buttons remain open and accessible, including the new camera lens, so there is no need to remove eggshell once it has been attached. There are strap holes on the back for attaching your favorite wrist strap or charms.

There are other goodies included inside the package. A protective film covers the iPod touch screen. A cleaning cloth will help wipe away dust and finger prints. The headphone cable winder becomes a stand for iPod when attached to the back of eggshell for easy viewing of videos and photos.

– Unique ergonomic design
– Fully Protected from bumps and scratches
– Protection to the 4 corners
– Anti-slip and enhanced hand feel
– Light weight
– Perfectly fit
– Anti-dust
– Anti-Moisture
– Easy access to all ports, buttons and speakers

What’s in the Box?

The box is not really a box as we know it, it’s a plastic casing.


When you open the casing up you’ll find the case, screen protector, squeegee, wipe and an interesting little earphone holder. The case is clear and very thin, I’m guessing that’s where it gets the eggshell name from. The case also has opening for all of the ports, buttons and camera.


Impressions / Review:

The case is clear as you know already, it’s very clear actually, you really almost can’t tell it’s on. The case just snaps on, but it’s not exactly tight, it feels a bit loose honestly. It does though seem like it will do an adequate job of protecting the iPod inside.


The wrap, or whatever it’s called as I don’t know what to call it, has a suction cup on it to attach to the back of the case. You can use it as a stand to watch videos with, it works well.


The wrap is made of very soft plastic and has a pocket in it so you can wrap your headphones up in it for storage. I think it’s rather neat myself.




The eggshell case is certainly interesting, and it’s the first case I’ve seen like it. It’s very thin and lightweight while being durable and able to offer decent protection for the back of your iPod Touch.

The price is only $14.99 for it, and it’s well worth it for sure as you’ll not only get the case but a screen protector and cord wrap. I’ve seen screen protectors costing as much as this whole package costs.

The case fits, but it feels a bit loose. It never fell off of my iPod while in use, but it bothers me a little really.


+Thin, clear case

+Includes screen protector

+Includes earphones wrap which works as a stand

+Inexpensive for what you get


-Not exactly a tight fit