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The rumored iWatch is less watch and more iPhone

These iWatch rumors are nonsensical. It’s hard to imagine that Apple has 100 people working on a second screen to an iPhone. You know, like a Pebble built for an iPhone or an iPod Nano with more functionality. They’ve come close to that already and a mere second screen doesn’t seem ambitious enough for them. So what do I think it is? I’m betting they make a new market. Something they’ve done often enough. I think it’s a flexible screen iPhone that wraps your wrist. Yes – a phone on your wrist. Not a second screen – it’s flexible when you’re wearing it but f you want to use the phone’s full functionality just pull it off and straighten it like one of those snap bracelets. And using the sensors it can detect which way is up so it can ensure that it is providing a clock and notifications that are visible based on the way it’s oriented on your wrist. The solid components (battery, CPU, etc) would sit on the underside within links so it can still be flexible . There’s no need for them to change the specs from the iPhone 5 – it’s not an iPhone 6, it’s another version of the 5 effectively. Think of how light and thin the iPhone is and you’ll realize that this isn’t too hard for the to pull off.

Think of it this way – how silly is it that we carry phones in our pockets all day where they’re invisible when they can be a lot more useful on our wrist? If you think this is stupid, then what about taking an iPhone and making it 10"? It’s only ridiculous until they make it and you buy it.

Oh and that image comes courtesy of Mr Doug Simmons who made it on his overclocked Google device thingy. It’s just like in the commercial, right?

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