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Mobility Digest Review: iGadgitz 8.9” Hard Cover Notebook / Tablet Case

Have you ever really looked into buying a case for your tablet or netbook or even notebook? There is just a plethora of them out there, yes I used plethora, and that’s the best word to describe it really. I like the word, it’s one that’s not used much anymore I think, but it really applies when it comes to the choice of cases out there today. Anyway, if you couldn’t have guessed, I have another case for review today. With the popularity of tablets on the rise, netbook and notebook cases are now being used for tablets, when you look at a site you’ll find the same cases listed in both sections. This is a good thing I guess as it gives you more choices, then again it can make life more difficult as you’ve now got so many to pick from. So the case I have for review today is the 8.9” iGadgitz Hard Cover Notebook Case and it kind of reminds me of a mini brief case. The case is a hard shell style, but it has a cloth material covering it and some padding in there too of course for protection. The case has velcro straps to hold your tablet or notebook in place and there’s even a mesh pocket to hold any accessories or other stuffs you might want to bring along with you. So without further chitchat from me, read on for the review…


Author: Kristofer Brozio

Vendor: My Trendy Phone

Price: $20.17

Overall Rating: 5/5



Original iGadgitz Hard Cover Notebook Case 8.9″ – Black

– Offers total impact, scratch and shock protection for your netbook.
– Internal mesh compartment for storing accessories eg. USB cables.
– 2 way zip for easy access, with inner protection to prevent scratches from the zip.
– Velcro band to minimize notebook movement inside the case.


The iGadgitz case was provided for review by My Trendy Phone where you can find plenty of accessories like iPad mini cases, and things for your Samsung Galaxy Note 8 or your Asus Google Nexus. They carry accessories for every major brand and even those not so major!


Impressions / Review:


The iGadgitz case comes in a nice reusable zip style thick plastic bag.

The case is black in color obviously and the top has a puffed out design to it. The case is a hard shell that’s covered with what appears to be a nylon or polyester material.

The bottom has a similar design.  There’s two metal rings on each half of the case, these are for the included shoulder strap that you’ll see later.

The case has what looks like a single handle but it’s actually two halves that are held together with velcro.

The case also has two zippers for easier access, they open all the way to the back so it open up and folds flat.

The main compartment or section where you’ll put your tablet is slightly padded and there’s an elastic strap with velcro on it to hold your device in place. If you look close at the edges you’ll see an extra layer of material there that sits between the zipper and the inside of the case. This layer of material makes sure the zipper won’t ever touch your device and possibly damage it.

The top half has a flexible mesh netting style pocket to hold your accessories or whatever else. The inside of both sides of the case is covered with a soft rather thick material, I want to say felt-like but it’s much thicker than felt, but it kind of feels like it. The material should not mark or damage your device at all.

Also included is a shoulder strap with a padded section and nice sturdy metal clips.

The strap attaches to the metal rings on the outside of the case. The strap is adjustable and it works fine, it is just a shoulder strap but it’s handy for sure.

The 8” device I have is my Idolian Mini Studio 8 Android tablet, and that’s specifically what I got this case for.

It fits fine in the case of course and there’s a little room left over. The strap though holds the tablet in place very well, it’s not going to fall out for sure. Since the Mini Studio is only 8” in size it does slide back and forth or side to side, but the soft material inside won’t damage the tablet.

Using the iGadgitz case with as tablet has advantages as since the tablet is thin it offers more room in the mesh compartment for your other stuff so you can take more with you if need be. If you’re using the case for a netbook or notebook of course it’s thicker so you won’t be able to fit as much in the mesh side of the case.

In the above pictures I show the tablet in the case both ways, screen up and screen down, but I would use it with the screen down personally just as a little added protection from anything like a charger that might be inside of the mesh side of the case. You can never be too careful, at least that’s how I think.



So for about $20 you really do get a great little case. The iGadgitz case is hard shell style which will offer protection from bumps and drops and possibly even crushing I would think. The inside of the case has a very soft that will not scratch or damage your device, which is very important. The case comes with a handy adjustable shoulder strap to make life a bit easier while traveling. The case does include a nice large mesh pocket so you’ll be able to take accessories or anything else with you.

Overall the iGazdgitz case is a great little product, I really couldn’t find anything wrong with it, and at a price of about $20 I don’t think you’ll find a better hard shell style case for that little amount of money.


+Tough case with hard shell for protection
+Shoulder strap included
+Compartment for accessories


-None really