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More Wirefly Deals come out

wirefly-logo-150x150Retailers get pretty serious about the Holiday Selling Season and Black Friday through Cyber Monday is the Battle Royal between them. Wirefly entered the ring with their first printed ad and have come back with even more deals! Listed below is the latest additions to their Black Friday through Cyber Monday deals. So if you are looking for deal on a new smartphone, don’t wait in line, just head on over to Wirefly and click your choice and laugh at the folks who will be standing in line!

Wirefly FREE-FOR-ALL PHONE SALE:  Beginning tomorrow thru Cyber Monday, in addition to our crazy Black Friday discounts we will be offering on new phone orders, we are launching the Wirefly “Free-for-All” Phone sale.  What is the ‘Free-for-All’ Phone sale you ask?   This is a sale designed for EVERYONE  (not just new customers) and will include popular Android and BlackBerry, and 4G smartphones for free. In fact, this sale will feature over 40 phones for free….FREE FOR NEW. FREE FOR UPGRADES. FREE FOR ADD-A-LINES (all five lines on a family plan!!!).  Unprecedented!  Here are just a few of the phones that will be featured.

· Droid X2 by Motorola (VZW)

· Samsung Stratosphere (VZW)

· LG Revolution 4G (VZW)

· My Touch (Tmo)

· My Touch Q (Tmo)

· Samsung Transform (Sprint)

**  fyi, we also have at least 50 or more phones that will be free for new and upgrades eligible customers too.

Upgrade Eligibility Checker:  I highly recommend checking out Wirefly’s Upgrade Eligibility Checker to gives you the ability to see if and when you are eligible for your next phone upgrade.  It can also tell you the status of all lines of an account with just one phone number from that account. If you are not upgrade eligible, when the time is nearing, you can elect to receive a complimentary reminder call, e-mail or text message.


$25 Gift Card with Purchase:  Between Thanksgiving – Cyber Monday, every Wirefly customer who orders either the Sprint EVO 3D or EVO Design (new account) will receive a $25 Gift Card 

$30 off with Coupon: Beginning Thanksgiving- Cyber Monday, we are launching a coupon code to take $30 off the Samsung Galaxy S II 4G for T-Mobile (+ FREE Activation + FREE Shipping).  Keep me honest, but with this coupon, the phone will be the lowest price available anywhere.  Good for new, upgrades, add-a-lines and phone-only.    Here is the code:  TMGS30   

PLUS: Sprint and T-Mobile are waiving their activation fees for Wirefly customers, saving people even more money.

· Sprint Waived Activation:   equivalent to $36 per line or  up to $180 for 5 lines (Thanksgiving thru Cyber Monday)

· T-Mobile Waived Activation:  equivalent to $35 per line or up to $175 for 5 lines (Thanksgiving thru Cyber Monday)

PREPAID/NO-CONTRACT phones are great gifts to give.  On Cyber Monday, we will have the ZTE Score from Cricket for only $49.99 (typically it’s $149.99).

As always, the benefit of shopping at…NO LINES, NO CROWDS, NO REBATES and OPEN 24/7!  Plus FREE FedEx Shipping and FREE returns.

Happy Turkey Day!