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Mobility Digest Review: Nite Ize Horizontal / Vertical Tan Leather Cases

Using an extended battery with my Tilt2 I have been in search of cases that can handle the extra thickness my phone requires. I have acquired several cases, but from a practical point of view the Nite Ize cases have proven to be the best choice. As a point of information, I stretch (train) all my cases using a block of wood cut slightly larger than my phone. The blocks stay in the cases when not in use, so they are always ready when I need them. I would rather my case be slightly loose than too tight.

These brown suede leather cases are not the slimmest/sleekest of the bunch but they handle my thicker phone easily. The horizontal case has a plastic fixed belt clip on the back with a safety hook at the bottom making it difficult to work itself off your belt or waistband without some effort. The sides of the case are elastic and expand quite a bit. The front flap uses a Velcro closure, which I prefer over magnetic flaps that tend to power on my device (more on that in another review). The front of the case extends almost to the top of the phone, but its still pretty easy to pull the phone out of the case, even with one hand, as the side elastics allow you to slip your fingers between the phone and case. The inside of the case is lines with a soft felt like material. All Nite Ize cases include extra pockets and this case is no exception with a credit card pocket on the inside back panel. I cut the pocket out of my case for three reasons; I thought I needed the extra space to handle my phone, didn’t think I would ever use the pocket, and the pocket material was coarser (more like the elastic stuff) than the soft lining in the case. Turns out the phone w/extended battery fits just fine even with the pocket, so the choice to remove is yours. Pretty easy to do with some patience and an X-Acto knife. BTW, this case will hold the stock Tilt2 perfectly, no modifications required. The case looks good and sits tightly against your belt. Definitely a keeper.

The vertical case has an 8 position, ratcheting swivel belt clip so you can position it anyway you like. The indestructible belt clip is a little difficult to figure out, with an over/under safety catch but once you get it on, it is virtually impossible to fall off on its own. Basically, if you get mugged in a dark alley, you will most likely be shot or stabbed before you get a chance to remove your phone/case and turn it over to would be impatient thief. This cases also has a Velcro closure and elastic sides, along with the inside credit card and pen pocket. But it was a bit tight for my extended battery phone, so I would recommend cutting out the inside pocket if you plan to use with the thicker battery. You will need sharp scissors and an X-Acto knife to perform this surgery but its not that hard. This case also has a back pocket and tab at the top of the case that pulls up a little stretch loop that’s designed to hold a Bluetooth Headset (earpiece). The back pocket could hold a business card (but it would not look very good when you pulled it out). The extra back pocket and thicker clip makes this case bulkier than it’s horizontal brother, but I find it easier to retrieve my phone using a vertical case and I sort of like to keep the belt clip at 45 degrees, which is possible with the rotating ratchet clip. BTW, both cases work equally well with your phone facing inward or outward. Your choice.

Both cases are available through online retailers for about $16.95. While not suitable to be worn with dress slacks or a suit, they look good with jeans, shorts or with more casual attire. Both of these cases will easily outlast your Tilt2 or whatever other phone fits into them.