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Extend the Battery Life of your Galaxy S II with the OnTrion T989

I’m not one for extended batteries as they usually limit your case options, but some people need them as smartphone battery life isn’t the greatest as we know. The new OnTrion (I’ve never heard of this company) T989 is an extended battery but it includes a back cover as well. Price is $34.99 and for that you get the battery and new back cover so the battery fits. The battery is a Li-ion 2300mAh and the site doesn’t say anywhere on their site as to what you can expect from the battery in terms of time. That makes no sense to me as if I was going to buy a battery I ‘d want to know how much extra time I could expect from this new battery?!?!



In its effort to maximize the power-up time of all the major smartphone brands, OnTrion has added a Samsung T989 extended battery with door to its lineup of standard and extended mobile phone batteries. The newest addition is designed specifically for the popular T-Mobile Galaxy S II model to double the power its standard battery provides. Additional information about the newly debuted OnTrion Samsung T989 Galaxy S II extended battery with door can be found online at

Several reviewers on the Samsung website have called out the T989 standard battery as the Galaxy S II’s one and only downside. In their reviews of the smartphone, many have pinpointed the battery life as their sole gripe. In particular, they called it “very weak” and “poor.”

A veteran manufacturer of standard and extended batteries for all the major cell phone providers, OnTrion has found a way to improve this design flaw. In quality assurance tests, the OnTrion OEM-quality Samsung T989 extended battery with door was found to approximately double the power the Galaxy S II’s standard battery supplies.


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